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Intermediate: Rich Hall,                  Advanced: Al Garofalow


Blue Ribbon



2019 Orange County Fair Painting Competition

Tony Podue - 2nd Place and an Honorable Mention Award

Al Garofalow -  2 Honorable Mentions

Mike Dawson - 1st Place, 2nd Place and an Honorable Mention Award

Eric Stogner - 2 Honorable Mention Awards

Amy Lin - 1st Place Award



2019 Huntington Beach Art League Spring Open Show Winner:

Mike Dawson - 1st Oil/Acrylic - May 2019



2019  The Arts Colony in Corona  April Juried Open (Simply Silly) Winners:

Tony Podue - Best in Show

Al Garofalow - 1st Place Overall

Ira Yawnick - HM & Theme Photography

MaryAnne Ardito - 3rd



2019  The Arts Colony in Corona May Juried Open (Naturally Nautical) Winners:

Al Garofalow - Best in Show

Tony Podue - 1st Overall, 2nd Overall, & Theme Overall, 1st Place

Mike Dawson - 3rd Overall, 2nd Place, HM, Theme

Robert Ardito - Theme, HM

MaryAnne Ardito - 2 1st Place Awards, HM

Tim Waldner - 3rd, HM

Teri Gamallo - 3rd Place



2019  The Arts Colony in Corona July Juried Open (Umbrellas & Balloons) Winners:

Tony Podue - 1st Place Overall, 2nd Place

Karen Neal - 3rd Place, Honorable Mention

Mike Dawson - 1st Place, 3rd Place, Theme

Al Garofalow - 2nd Place



2019 Cypress Art League - Annual Autumn Art Exhibition

Al Garofalow - Best in Show






2019  The Arts Colony in Corona Sept Juried Open (Selfies & Self Portraits) Winners:

Tim Waldner - 1st Place Overall

Robert Ardito - 2nd Place Overall, 2nd, HM

Al Garofalow - 3rd Place Overall

Tony Podue - 3rd, Theme, HM, HM

Teri Gamallo - 1st, 2 Theme

MaryAnne Ardito - HM

Karen Neal - 3rd Place, HM

Mike Dawson - 1st Place

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Past Artists of the Year

Artist of the Year 2018-19

Rich Hall Artist of year 2019 intermediate Al Garofalow Artist of year 2019 advanced